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Spa Francorchamps, Belgium. Beer, fried food (Frites!), and the spectacle of a gaggle of Cup cars drafting up Eau Rouge would make it pretty awe-inspiring. They could probably hit over 200mph on the Kemmel straight, too. I'm pretty sure they could cover the entire run in less than 12 parsecs, in fact. » 7/23/14 12:02pm 7/23/14 12:02pm

I have many happy memories of driving in Japan, probably because I only ever did it at weekends. Driving into Tokyo very early on a Sunday morning is the only way to avoid the traffic, and it's quite spooky when you do. The streets look quite different when they're not clogged with traffic. » 7/18/14 8:37am 7/18/14 8:37am

I read a different version of the end of the agreement between Nissan and Deltawing, but I can't remember where. It gave me the impression that Panoz decided they didn't need Nissan any more, or wanted to take the project in a direction that Nissan wasn't interested in. Panoz dropped Nissan, rather than the other way… » 7/16/14 11:02am 7/16/14 11:02am