Do Subaru have any pre-1962 cars in the UK? I'm assuming they're going to ferry you most of the way there in something modern and you'll have to walk the rest. Make sure you check out the car park as well as the displays. Always something classy there. » 9/11/14 7:03am 9/11/14 7:03am

I managed to avoid this pain during my stay in Japan by buying a car which had just passed Shaken, driving it for almost 2 years, then exporting it before the shaken expired. Worked for me, although I did have to pay for the shipping to the UK and the modifications and testing required to make it road legal over here.… » 9/07/14 11:24am 9/07/14 11:24am

Wow! I remember seeing one of those while on a family holiday in France about 30 years ago. I think it was in Rouen. Everyone else was raving about the cathedral, and I was out scanning the streets for interesting cars and photographing them with my Kodak Brownie camera (with 110 film cartridges, yeah, I was that » 8/26/14 2:58pm 8/26/14 2:58pm

Even UK armoured vehicle suppliers will work on mundane cars, although many of them have been used as unmarked police cars in Northern Ireland, due to some history of animosity between some people with guns and the police (and the army, and the government, etc.). » 8/21/14 3:55pm 8/21/14 3:55pm