Sitges-Terramar, a track lost in time

Last month, I had a 4-day business trip to Spain. Three of those days would be spent in Barcelona, and the fourth was to be at the IDIADA test facility, a large network of tracks used by most of the major European manufacturers in a predominantly sunny and dry part of the continent. » 10/14/14 4:16pm 10/14/14 4:16pm

Motorsport Magazine Archive

I must have missed this back in April, but the esteemed British publication Motorsport Magazine has now digitised and archived over 90 years of content. If you yearn to discover what was written in period about the 1964 Grand Prix of Spa, or see Denis Jenkinsons reports about driving across Europe in his Porsche 356… » 8/21/14 8:55am 8/21/14 8:55am

Newport Pagnell Aston Martin Auction - The car parks

This past Saturday was the annual Bonhams classic car auction and AMOC knees-up at the Works Service in Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, England. As usual, I conspired to drag the kids there for a nose around the various interesting (and in many cases very valuable) cars parked around the venue. We also invaded the… » 5/19/14 5:43am 5/19/14 5:43am

Nürburging 24h 2013 - Hot night lap in FOG [VIDEO]

Michael Krumm is employed by Nissan as a racing driver, principally in Japan's Super GT Championship. Fortunately (for him), he also gets to travel the world and have a go in other races. Like Le Mans. And the mighty Nürburgring 24 hours (or N24 if you're too kühl für schüle). » 5/14/14 7:01am 5/14/14 7:01am

Robert Kubica. Jänner Rally. Maximum Attack

As preparation for his first attempt at a full WRC season in a car he's never driven before, ex-F1 driver Robert Kubica decided to win a round of the European Rally Championship. Which he did. By a comfortable margin. » 1/08/14 8:30am 1/08/14 8:30am

The current Grand Prix track was built on part of the old track and pits complex, so this part of the track was bypassed. This also explains why the "old pits" used by manufacturers appears to be quite small and cramped - it was a temporary pits to be used for a couple of seasons while the new GP track was being… » 11/19/13 4:38pm 11/19/13 4:38pm

NISMO GT-R Nurburgring lap. 7:08

The best man for the job - Michael Krumm. He's German, has raced for Nissan for 15 years, speaks Japanese, and can talk his way around the lap in English while perfectly pronouncing the corner names. Also, he's very very very fast. » 11/19/13 7:52am 11/19/13 7:52am

Nissan Blade Glider. Delta-shaped EV Sports Car. Not a Deltawing.

The concept will be among the usual Tokyo Motor Show wacky concoctions, but apparently they're going to make a real one and actually sell it. To Millenials!!! » 11/08/13 8:09am 11/08/13 8:09am

We have your manual transmissions, and we're going to keep them

Oh no, I imagine you saying to yourself inside your head. Another discussion about Auto/Manual/Dual-Clutch transmissions to stir up the same muddy water as before and endeavour to provoke some kind of response from the enthusiast herd. » 11/05/13 8:32am 11/05/13 8:32am

Nürburgring Roller Coaster is Go! (sort of)

Ace Nordschliefe blogger, racer, journalist and rental car expert (in any order you like) Dale Lomas (@bridge2gantry) has been on the RingºRacer Nürburgring Rollercoaster on it's much-delayed opening day (it was originally planned to be fully operational in 2009, believe it or not). It seems quite fast. And noisy.… » 10/31/13 10:21am 10/31/13 10:21am

Mitsuoka K-1, a Japanese oddity

You know how sometimes/rarely/almost never (depending on your level of geekhood) you get a glimpse of a vehicle and you have no idea what it is? A few years ago, if you'd seen something in Japan and you didn't know how to describe it you would never find out what it was.

Nowadays, thanks to geeks worldwide and the… » 9/18/13 5:05am 9/18/13 5:05am

Poor people's Pope doesn't pontificate over popping out in R4

A principled and preponderately propitious priest has proffered the Pope a poor person's popemobile in the form of a 20 year old Renault 4. The priest, Father Renza Zocca, was so impressed by the latest Pope's austerity drive that he offered him his old jalopy, which has 190,000 miles on the clock. The Pope took him… » 9/11/13 3:42am 9/11/13 3:42am

Changing the wheels on a GT3 GT-R in 30 seconds

» 8/28/13 11:26am 8/28/13 11:26am

How to gatecrash an F1 party. In Japan. In 2002

A long time ago, in a country far far away, I was working with a bunch of other Europeans on secondment in Japan. It was 2002, most of us had not spent much time in Japan before, but there we were going to make the most of it. None of us needed to buy cars while we were there, but we only held off for 3 months before… » 8/23/13 7:12am 8/23/13 7:12am