Earls Barton Classic Car Meet, June 2015

Earls Barton is just off the A45 between Northampton and Wellingborough in Northamptonshire, England. On the first Wednesday of every month from April to October, there is a gathering of classic cars in a field there. It’s about 15 minutes drive from my house, so when a friend from work invited me to pop over, it was… » 6/07/15 5:27pm 6/07/15 5:27pm

Bicester Heritage Sunday Brunch Scramble V

Bicester in Oxfordshire, England, has a rich and diverse history. Until recently, my only knowledge of it’s history was that there was a really good luxury goods outlet mall on it’s outskirts that has been there a few years. However, more educated people than myself would be aware that the site which became RAF… » 5/27/15 5:25pm 5/27/15 5:25pm

WEC LMP1-H Hospitality Tents, Ranked.

Full Disclosure: I paid for my own ticket, and nobody invited me in to check the VIP areas out for myself. In fact, they took great care to ensure that I couldn't get in. This review, therefore, is based purely on my subjective views of the relative aesthetic qualities of these structures when viewed from a respectful… » 5/27/15 5:24pm 5/27/15 5:24pm

My WEC Weekend at Silverstone

I drove for about 20 minutes from my home over to Silverstone on Saturday and Sunday to watch the WEC racing. The ELMS were doing a 4-hour race on Saturday, but I didn't get to see them due to having the kids with me and the fact that they were based over in the National Pits. We had a good time, but it was too cold… » 5/27/15 5:23pm 5/27/15 5:23pm

Sitges-Terramar, a track lost in time

Last month, I had a 4-day business trip to Spain. Three of those days would be spent in Barcelona, and the fourth was to be at the IDIADA test facility, a large network of tracks used by most of the major European manufacturers in a predominantly sunny and dry part of the continent. » 5/27/15 5:22pm 5/27/15 5:22pm

Newport Pagnell Aston Martin Auction - The car parks

This past Saturday was the annual Bonhams classic car auction and AMOC knees-up at the Works Service in Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, England. As usual, I conspired to drag the kids there for a nose around the various interesting (and in many cases very valuable) cars parked around the venue. We also invaded the… » 5/27/15 5:20pm 5/27/15 5:20pm

Nürburgring Roller Coaster is Go! (sort of)

Ace Nordschliefe blogger, racer, journalist and rental car expert (in any order you like) Dale Lomas (@bridge2gantry) has been on the RingºRacer Nürburgring Rollercoaster on it's much-delayed opening day (it was originally planned to be fully operational in 2009, believe it or not). It seems quite fast. And noisy.… » 5/27/15 5:17pm 5/27/15 5:17pm