Dudes, this is our time. Our tribe. Our something something.

I received a code for DRIVETRIBE (no, I’m not shouting, they actually want me to write it like that). It’s in a very experimental phase right now (with the emphasis on mental), and I figured I’d jump on the bandwagon and give it a shot.


I’ve created a tribe that anyone can join and post in. I couldn’t think of a really cool club to form, and then I realised that my tastes in cars are quite diverse, so I could form one to post random nonsense about anything and everything. You can too, if you want to.

DRIVETRIBE (I’m sorry) creates it’s own little acronyms based on tribe names, and it’s no coincidence that mine spells RAV. This is because I’ve just picked up a green Mk1 RAV4 for fun. If you don’t think this is fun, this may not be the best tribe for you. There are plenty of people striving to provide supercar content on there already.


If you’re already a Triber, please feel free to stop by and help yourself to the contents of my refrigerator. If you’re not on yet, I’ll maybe see you on the other side...

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