In addition to spending countless hours scouring the internet for interesting cars, I’ve just expanded my ability to peruse random car sales ads by downloading a couple of apps on my phone for the Japanese equivalents of Autotrader. Just for fun.

Anyhoo, the other evening I selected the Honda NSX at random, and lo and behold I appear to have stumbled across a particularly groovy unicorn.

The first generation of the NSX was great. The NSX Type R was greater still (provided you were able to source this JDM-only car and could cope with the very stiff suspension).


This particular example is something else again. Exactly what it is, I’m not entirely sure, as Japanese sales adverts are extremely light on details. Their intention is to direct an interested party to the dealer, who can then regale them with the car’s virtues at length. They like to talk.

So, where were we? Oh yes, the car. A ‘normal’ Type R of this era would have a 3 litre V6 with around 300bhp. This one, however, has a “Toda Racing C35B” instead. With throttle bodies.


Toda Racing make engines for racing cars, hence the use of the word ‘Racing’ in their title. You can buy some of the components to apply to your modified road car, but you only get to buy a crate engine from them if you’re a racing team based in Japan, as it states on their website:

TODA race engines are not available for sale to the general public. These engines are only available in Japan to professional teams competiting in FIA sanctioned racing series.


So... imagine you actually own a Japanese race team. What engine would you want your road-going NSX Type R to have? The same one as your JGTC car? Of course!


Of course, there are a few differences between the road NSX and the JGTC car. The road car has a transverse engine with a 5 speed manual (or automatic, if you’re that way inclined). The race car had a longitudinally-mounted engine with a Hewland sequential ‘box mounted ahead of it. And a snorkel air intake, like an F1 car.


The race car also had up to 500hp on race fuel, which is nice.

So, how did this road car NSX Type R get what appears to be a 3.5litre V6 closely related to a JGTC unit? I’ve no idea, but I want it. It’s only £140,000/$183000...

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