“Knobbly” Lister in Classic Performance Engineering workshop

Yesterday was the first “Sunday Scramble” of 2017 at Bicester Heritage. Despite the cold and wet weather, there was quite a crowd and the usual awesome selection of eclectic vehicles old and new. I took over 300 photos, so this is only a flavour of what went on. Many professional photographers were also there, but as I’m not one of them, what you see is what you get.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments (or check out my previous posts about Bicester Heritage).

E30 and an old hangar
Retro coffee purveyor (originally an ice cream van)
AC Aceca
Ouch. That’s not gone well. Lister less knobbly on this side.
8 cars from 8 manufacturers. How many can you name?
XJS-based Lister Le Mans. 7 litre V12 power should move it along nicely.
308 GT4
F12 TDF. One of 3 that turned up yesterday
Aston Martin DB11
McLaren 675 LT. One of two to turn up.
1959 Cadillac, of course.
The Oxfordshire Home Guard.
Edsel Villager
An assortment of crazy French cars.

To see more images, check out the album here (plus, you can navigate to previous albums):

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